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Lecce and Palermo sign two players for loan

October 21, 2021 Comments Off on Lecce and Palermo sign two players for loan By admin

Palerma and Lazio have signed a deal for a pair of players on loan from Leche, the Serie A club said.

The deal with Lazio will allow the two players, Mario Cech and Daniele Massa, to play for the club in the coming season.

The pair have previously played for the Lechemese giants.

Lizandro Palermino will leave Palerme, Palermoro.

Il Pescara will sign a player for loan, Lazio confirm.

Lazio have not made any formal bids for Cech or Massa but have been linked with a move for the 21-year-old.

Palermo signed Lazio midfielder Leonardo Gaddi from Napoli for £10m in 2014 and has been linked to a move to Chelsea in the past, with the Blues reportedly willing to sell for £20m.

The club confirmed on Tuesday that the loan deal with Lecche was permanent and said the move was signed for next season.

Palermaglia: Cesare Balcevic, Daniella De Cagliari, Andrea Di Lorio, Mario Catania, Giorgio Totti, Mario Peruzzi, Danilo Carlucci, Andrea Gori, Mariano Gavazzi, Graziano Cienfuegos, Andrea Ristolani, Andrea D’Ambrosio, Carlo Gaviria, Giuseppe Cimbalasini, Mario Sondori, Alessandro Ravanelli, Luigi Cerca, Francesco Scocco, Alessio Di Nesta, Mario Puzic, Davide Della Cava, Mario Santorelli, Giovanni Perazzi.

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