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‘Weiler’ star Steven Weiler’s plastic surgery disaster was just a matter of time

October 21, 2021 Comments Off on ‘Weiler’ star Steven Weiler’s plastic surgery disaster was just a matter of time By admin

Weiler has already undergone the most famous surgery, but in a new interview, he talks about the times he had to cancel a gig because he was dealing with a plastic surgeon, and he explains what happened next.

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How to treat plastic surgery tragedies

July 9, 2021 Comments Off on How to treat plastic surgery tragedies By admin

On Thursday, two doctors in Louisiana were found dead after they were injured while practicing plastic surgery on plastic surgery victims.

Doctors, Dr. James C. Stromberg, who worked in the Jefferson Parish medical community, and Dr. Michael M. Gorman, who has worked in Louisiana for more than 25 years, were found hanging from a rope by a fence along with their bodies in their home in Baton Rouge.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office released the names of the two doctors and Gorman late Thursday afternoon.

They were both former Jefferson Parish surgeons, who were both well-known in the medical field, and both practiced in the area, according to Dr. G. Keith Fossey, the county coroner.

The coroner said the two died of natural causes.

“It’s been an absolute tragedy,” Fossey told reporters on Thursday.

“We’re just really stunned.”

On the day of the fatal shooting, Stromburg had posted on Facebook a video of a plastic surgery clinic in Jefferson Parish where he was working that featured an infant in a harness and a baby in a cot.

In that video, he said that a female patient was having a plastic surgeon put the child’s hair into a wig and that the child looked like he had “no problem” with his mother.

Stramberg said that he had no idea that he would end up in a position like this, which he described as “a very sad moment for me and a very sad situation for all of us.”

In the video, Stramburg also said that one of the patients he was treating was pregnant.

The two doctors worked at the same clinic.

Fosseys office told WBRZ News that the two had attended medical school together at the University of Mississippi.

Both doctors are white.

The Associated Press and the Associated Press-Cincinnati newspaper were unable to independently verify the story.

According to WBRX, the Jefferson County Medical Examiner’s Office said that they will have no further information on the circumstances of their deaths until their next of kin have been notified.

The hospital where Stromberger worked said in a statement to the AP on Thursday that they are “deeply saddened” by the deaths.

“Our hearts go out to Drs.

Gromberg and Strombergh and their families.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their loved ones,” the statement said.

The sheriff’s office told ABC News that they were in the process of interviewing the two people who died and will provide updates on the investigation.

A spokesman for the Jefferson-Jefferson Parish School District told WAFB that the hospital was cooperating with the investigation, and that a preliminary autopsy will be conducted.

“There are no indications that any students or staff at the school were in danger,” the spokesman, Mike McDonough, told the news station.

Stroman’s son, who was not at the hospital when the shooting happened, told ABC affiliate WAFT that his father was “really kind and a good person.”

“He had a great heart,” his son said.

“He was a very good father.”

On Thursday morning, Stroman posted a video on Facebook about the tragic deaths of his father and son.

“I will miss them very much,” he wrote.

“They were like family to me.”

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