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New bill to expand cosmetic surgery in NC says patients should have to have “good reason” to go to plastic surgery

August 11, 2021 Comments Off on New bill to expand cosmetic surgery in NC says patients should have to have “good reason” to go to plastic surgery By admin

NEW YORK — A bill to extend the definition of cosmetic surgery and expand the number of procedures offered by cosmetic surgery centers has cleared its first hurdle in the New York State Assembly.

The bill, HB 1214, has been approved by the Senate Health, Education and Labor Committee, which met Monday.

The committee is scheduled to take up the bill at a later date.

In recent years, New York has become known for offering cosmetic surgery for an ever-expanding number of conditions. 

The bill will allow cosmetic surgeons to perform procedures for up to 10 different types of problems.

It also allows them to specialize in a patient’s condition.

Currently, cosmetic surgery is only offered by the cosmetic surgery facilities listed in the bill.

This would expand the scope of the practice, according to the bill’s sponsors, Assemblywoman Kathy Hochul (D-Bronx).

New York already has a limited number of cosmetic surgeries, including skin resurfacing and breast augmentation.

The bill would allow cosmetic surgery to be performed at a cosmetic surgery center or at a private practice.

The proposed legislation also would create a state-funded state-licensed cosmetic surgery program, which would provide patients with cosmetic surgery, in addition to receiving reimbursement for cosmetic surgery.

The legislation would also create a cosmetic surgeon license exam for new medical graduates.

It would also provide a tax credit for cosmetic surgeries.

The state already has an excise tax of $2,000 on cosmetic surgeries and up to $10,000 for breast augments.

The new legislation would allow patients to be eligible for reimbursement for up a total of $1,000, depending on the type of surgery.

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