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Oregon’s Plastic Surgery ‘Scam’ Becomes a Big Business For State News outlet The Oregonian/OregonLive title ‘Pleasant’ plastic surgery for $500 is ‘a scam’

July 27, 2021 Comments Off on Oregon’s Plastic Surgery ‘Scam’ Becomes a Big Business For State News outlet The Oregonian/OregonLive title ‘Pleasant’ plastic surgery for $500 is ‘a scam’ By admin

Oregon’s legislature passed a bill Monday that would ban plastic surgery performed at home for $5,000.

The bill was proposed by state Rep. Ryan O’Brien, a Republican from Portland, who said that “this is not a cost-effective way to do this.

It’s a way to make a lot of money.”

O’Brian, a Democrat, said that it would “save a lot, save a lot on health care costs, save money on prison costs, and save lives.”

The bill would ban most forms of cosmetic surgery at home and require a plastic surgeon to be present when surgery is done.

“If you’re going to get a plastic surgery done, you better be comfortable with that,” O’Briens office director, Jennifer Binder, told the Oregonian.

“This bill is about keeping this process safe, and keeping people safe.”

O.J. Simpson’s family reportedly used plastic surgery to treat O. J. Simpson, who was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, in 1995.

The Simpson family sued a plastic surgeons in California, claiming that the practice was unethical.

The case was settled in 2009.

The Oregon legislature has approved more than 50 other plastic surgery bills.

The legislature approved a bill Tuesday that would require the state to provide a “certificate of identity” to people who are having cosmetic surgery.

The certificate would be issued by the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

“The DMV has no business issuing these certificates,” Binder said.

O’Reilly, who is not related to Simpson, said the legislation was “an attempt to go against what we’ve seen as a tradition of this state in Oregon.”

“It is really hard to see this bill as anything other than a tax increase,” O. Jones, executive director of the Oregon Health and Science University, told The Associated Press.

“They’re going after the people who really need it.”

The legislation would also bar the practice of cosmetic plastic surgery on a resident of a state that has an open-records law, and would require doctors to have “in-house training” in plastic surgery.

“These bills are going to create more barriers and make it more difficult to get cosmetic surgery done,” OReilly said.

“I’m not going to stand by and let this happen.”

The Oregon bill would not apply to any Oregon state employees, such as state senators, state representatives, state police or fire chiefs, or law enforcement officers.

The state is also considering legislation that would allow people who have plastic surgery at work to sue the employer for $100,000, but O’Rielly said he was concerned that “people who work at hospitals and health care facilities and nursing homes” could be targeted for the lawsuit.

The legislation also would require all Oregonians over the age of 18 to be registered with a local health insurance agency and to complete an online health insurance form, and the bill would require those who want to be covered by Medicaid to pay for health insurance and get an “opt-out” from having coverage.

“It’s not like they’re going around making it harder for people to get their health insurance,” Ojala said.

The Associated News/Oregon Live contributed to this report.

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