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Plastic surgery surgery may help patients with anxiety, depression, migraines, PTSD

September 3, 2021 Comments Off on Plastic surgery surgery may help patients with anxiety, depression, migraines, PTSD By admin

Plastic surgery is a widely accepted treatment for anxiety, but it can also help patients cope with depression, stress and even migrainous pains, a new study suggests.

The study by the University of Texas, Austin and the University Health Network (UHN) looked at over 5,000 people in the U.S. and found that those with depression or post-traumatic stress disorder were more likely to have cosmetic surgery, including surgery to remove facial hair, nose and eyelashes, according to a press release.

The authors of the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, said the study’s results suggest that cosmetic surgery could help reduce depression and stress.

“Our study shows that cosmetic surgeries may reduce depression symptoms and help patients manage their symptoms,” Dr. Ananth Jha, one of the lead researchers, said in the release.

“However, more research is needed to identify which cosmetic procedures work best for patients with depression and which ones do not.

We are now exploring the use of plastic surgery in a clinical setting.”

The researchers noted that there is a growing body of research that links cosmetic surgery to depression.

They found that patients with post-trauma stress disorder and those with anxiety disorders had higher rates of cosmetic surgery.

In addition, some studies have linked cosmetic surgery with higher rates and severity of psychological distress, including post-stroke depression, anxiety disorders, and post-concussion syndrome.

The researchers said that the study may not apply to everyone, because some people with depression may not be able to undergo the procedure.

However, they said that in some cases, people with anxiety may not have a cosmetic procedure for depression or depression symptoms because they are experiencing the symptoms as a symptom of post-surgical stress or anxiety.

“We need to understand why some people have cosmetic surgeries while others do not,” Jha said in a statement.

“The study suggests that some people who are depressed may not benefit from cosmetic surgery due to psychological or psychological distress.

Future research is required to determine which cosmetic treatments can be best for people who may not respond well to conventional treatments.”

For more health news, check out Al Jazeera’s Essential Health page.

How to get your plastic surgery done at home

August 26, 2021 Comments Off on How to get your plastic surgery done at home By admin

People who want to have their plastic surgery taken care of at home can look to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Shruti Gupta, who has been in the business since 2013.

The Mumbai-based doctor said in an interview that her specialty is plastic surgery and that her work is mainly done in Mumbai.

She said she would not be able to go to a plastic surgeon in Mumbai or any other city in the country.

“There is a lack of specialist plastic surgeons in Mumbai, which is why I am the only one in Mumbai that can provide plastic surgery to the public,” Dr. Gupta said.

She explained that her plastic surgery work is mostly done in private hospitals, but the majority of patients want to be treated in public.

“When a patient wants plastic surgery, it is best if I take the patient to a private hospital,” she said.

Dr. Gupta added that she did not treat patients in Mumbai because of the high cost of plastic surgery.

Dr Gupta said that a patient needs a certain amount of time to get the desired result.

“If you wait long enough, the patient will never get it,” she explained.

Dr Shruta Gupta, a plastic surgery doctor, said that most plastic surgeries are done by a surgeon from the private sector and they are only available in private institutions.

“Most plastic surgeons do not have much experience and they do not always have a good reputation.

I am not a celebrity.

Plastic surgery is a process,” Dr Gupta said, adding that it was very hard to get a plastic operation in Mumbai when it is so expensive.”

I do not believe that people in Mumbai will pay much more for plastic surgery than in other parts of the country,” Dr Shrutas Gupta said and added that her practice has been around for over 20 years.

Dr Dr Gupta added, however, that she does not think that the government should intervene in plastic surgery business and that they should not try to take plastic surgery out of the public domain.

“If the government wants to make it easier for plastic surgeons to perform their work, it can do that,” she told NDTV.

DrShruti Gupta, who is a plastic surgeons, said the government could provide free plastic surgery for the public to take care of patients.

“There should be a separate section for plastic surgeries for the rich and poor, people of different ages.

It should not be a privilege,” Dr Sharma said.

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