Woodbury plastic surgeon to face court over ‘unacceptable’ practice

Woodbury plastic surgeon to face court over ‘unacceptable’ practice

October 19, 2021 Comments Off on Woodbury plastic surgeon to face court over ‘unacceptable’ practice By admin

A plastic surgeon has been ordered to appear in court in a defamation case after he was accused of using his position to promote his cosmetic practice.

Dr. William M. Smith, who has been a consultant at the Woodbury Plastic Surgery Center for the past eight years, was accused last week of defaming the clinic by telling a reporter that the facility was a “giant cancer center” and that it was “a gold mine for gynecologists” and “doctors.”

Smith is currently under investigation by the Canadian Medical Association, and the province’s professional body has ordered him to appear before a judge next week to explain the conduct.

Smith denies the charges.

“I have no knowledge of the allegations and will defend myself vigorously against them,” Smith said in a statement on Thursday.

Smith, who is also the chair of the board of trustees at Woodbury, said the allegations against him were “unfounded and unfounded.”

He said he was surprised to hear the allegations.

“The fact that the provincial government would take this kind of action is a shocking and irresponsible decision,” Smith wrote.

“I look forward to defending myself vigorously.”

The allegations against Smith were detailed in an affidavit filed in Toronto Superior Court by lawyer Paul Cote.

The documents show Smith told the Star he was shocked to learn the allegations were false, but did not dispute them.

The lawyer argued that Smith’s treatment of patients was consistent with the practice of the Woodcrest Plastic Surgery Association, which is the parent organization for the Woodcutters.

The association has said that it does not condone the practices described in the affidavit.

Woodbury Plastic Surgeons, which also offers cosmetic surgery, has a reputation as a “gold mine for doctors,” according to a recent survey by the Association of Professional Boards of Plastic Surgeon-In-Chiefs (APSB).

It is also a place where patients are encouraged to “take back control of their lives,” according the APSB.ABSCO’s survey of the world’s plastic surgeons found that the Woodcoats are among the top three “worst offenders” for unethical practices, with the Woodcuts “a top performer” for patient safety.

Smith has been the chairman of Woodbury’s board of directors since January 2016.

The Woodbury Surgery Center operates two outpatient surgeries and four surgeries on-site.

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