How plastic surgery affects men and women

How plastic surgery affects men and women

September 21, 2021 Comments Off on How plastic surgery affects men and women By admin

Plastic surgery is now becoming a major factor in many male and female relationships, and a new study says it can make a difference to a woman’s mental health.

The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme looks at the science behind the latest developments in plastic surgery and how it can affect the health of both men and woman. 

Researchers from the University of York and the University College London found that the number of male-to-female plastic surgeons increased from 4% to 6% between 2001 and 2011.

They found that women’s mental wellbeing improved when they underwent plastic surgery, compared with men who had not undergone it.

But the researchers warn that there is still much work to be done in terms of gender-neutral treatment.

“The issue of plastic surgery being associated with a range of negative health outcomes is a long way from being resolved, but I do think there is a lot of work to do,” said Dr Susanne Dutson, an associate professor of psychology at the University.

“This research highlights that we still have a long, difficult road ahead of us.” 

Researchers found that, as the number and size of plastic surgeries rose, so did the number, and size, of depression, anxiety and depression symptoms in both men (those with at least one surgeon in the same practice) and women (those without).

“We are seeing a huge increase in the number in women and in men, which means there is something that has to be addressed,” said Professor Dutons co-author, Dr Jessica Smith, from the Psychology and Society Unit at the university. 

Women who had more plastic surgeons tended to report feeling less satisfied with their lives and less able to function at work. 

But the study found that even after the increase in plastic surgeons, depression and anxiety symptoms were still lower in women than in men.

“The fact that we are seeing these changes in men in general does raise concerns,” Dr Smith said. 

“What is clear is that there are still a lot more women out there who are going to be at risk of developing mental health problems from this type of surgery, and it will have a significant impact on their lives.” 

The study also found that men with more than one plastic surgeon in their practice reported significantly more mental health issues than those without. 

A woman’s psychological well-being can also be affected by whether she has had cosmetic surgery.

“There is now a consensus among psychologists that there should be no place in our society for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatment, so I think that this study is a good first step,” Dr Dutsson said.

“If we want to see a return of this positive trend in women, we need to focus more on this type the women who are undergoing it.”

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