What we know about plastic surgery from research

What we know about plastic surgery from research

July 12, 2021 Comments Off on What we know about plastic surgery from research By admin

The use of plastic surgery has soared in recent years, and is now the third most common cosmetic surgery after face and liposuction.

A new report has found that the majority of patients are satisfied with the results, and that the health of patients is a major factor.

But it also found that plastic surgery is not always safe.

What we found:The research was conducted by research company, the Cosmetic Surgery Information Centre, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The organisation found that about half of the patients who went through the surgery in the study had experienced problems, and nearly 40 per cent had adverse outcomes.

The majority of the problems were cosmetic in nature, such as scarring and blemishes.

The study found that only two of the 50 procedures had negative side effects.

The other 50 procedures were used to improve the patient’s general health, with side effects that were “not considered to be harmful”.

It found that around three quarters of the people who underwent plastic surgery said that it improved their mental health.

However, the majority reported that it did not help them cope with their emotions, and a large majority reported they would not be satisfied with their results.

More than three quarters (73 per cent) of the respondents had a negative outcome, with about half (51 per cent, or 1,500 people) reporting a negative experience.

More patients were dissatisfied with the procedure compared with those who had gone through other procedures.

About one in four (24 per cent of the procedures) were not completed and half (46 per cent), or 1.5 million people, were not satisfied with outcomes.

The majority of those who went for plastic surgery had never had cosmetic surgery before.

More than half of those (57 per cent).

were women.

Almost two thirds (64 per cent ) of those undergoing plastic surgery who had never before had cosmetic procedures said they did not want to go through another procedure.

Only one in five (18 per cent ).

said they would rather not go through a procedure again.

More of the women (72 per cent or 585,000) reported they were unhappy with the cosmetic surgery, and the majority (60 per cent , or 3.7 million) reported that they were dissatisfied.

There was also a trend towards fewer women going through cosmetic surgery.

About three quarters or 775,000 women were satisfied with cosmetic procedures and only one in three (28 per cent ), or 1 million people , reported dissatisfaction.

A large majority (83 per cent and 1.4 million people) reported satisfaction with cosmetic surgery in general, and were satisfied or very satisfied with results.

A majority (73%) of people who had undergone plastic surgery also said that they did it for a purpose other than cosmetic, but only 20 per cent reported it for aesthetic reasons.

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